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of what I once imagined was the beggining
Published on September 6, 2007 By secondchances In Entertainment
Hello out there whoever and wherever
you are doesn't matter as long as you're there
I never quite thought that I'd be this way never
mind all the questions I'll ask when I care

If you had it to do all over again
would you be this way would you see this way
or would you pretend
that the way that you went didn't quite reach the end?

the end being near made it hard to believe
that this chance that you'd taken
had not set you free
so we're trapped in a cyclone of what we could be
if we didn't make choices to hate and deceive.

on Sep 06, 2007
Broken style...kind of like my friend, Beebes.

It's alright...I prefer the flowing style primarily, but this works just as well. A few spelling errors in there, but that can be resolved with a quick spell check.

If you don't mind I'd show you how to set it up so it flows a bit least to me.

Hello, out there,
Wherever and whoever you are
It doesn't matter
As long as you're there.
I never quite thought that I
Would be this way,
Nevermind all the questions, I'll ask
When I care.

If you had to
Do it all over again,
Would you be this way?
Would you see this way?
Would you pretend?
Pretend that the way you went,
Didn't quite reach the end?

The end being near,
Made it hard to believe.
That this chance that you'd
Be taken had not set you free.
So we're trapped in a cyclone.
Of what we could be
If we didn't make choices
To hate and deceive.

To me it flows a bit better if you set it up like that....but poetry is subjective and different people have different tastes.

Well...that's all I got. Not too bad,'s pretty abstract seeing as how I don't know the background behind it. Although being cryptic is never a bad thing.

on Sep 06, 2007
HEY! You are amazing Zoo! Thanks so much! I really don't have much experiance writting poetry, and I do appreciate your makes me feel special!
Love, S.C.
on Sep 06, 2007
You are amazing Zoo!

Yeah...I know.


on Sep 06, 2007
and if you HAD a flaw it would be modesty.
on Sep 06, 2007
and if you HAD a flaw it would be modesty

Hah! Nice one.